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How to Install a Central Vacuum System – 7 Expert Advice

Installing a central vacuum system is one of the best investments you make in your home. It not only makes the cleaning work simple & easy, but also cuts down your electricity bills and improves the indoor air quality. If you are among the homeowners who don’t know how to install a central vacuum system, then follow this expert advice:


Planning central vacuum system

Planning is the key to the success of any project. Plan where you want to install the main unit, locations of the inlet valves, ways of the plastic piping to the unit, etc. The number of inlet valves depends on the size of your home. The locations for valves should be chosen keeping in mind that it is easy to access even the hard-to-reach areas like corners.

Installing the power unit:


Start the installation with the power unit. Mark the points in the wall, hold the unit, and drive 2 1/2-inch-long screws in the wall. Mount the unit on the wall using effective techniques given in the installation manual. Don’t forget that the installation guide can vary from brand to brand, and only consider the steps that are suggested by the manufacturer.

Mark the inlet valve positions:


The next step of how to install a central vacuum system guide is to mark the positions of inlet valves, and make sure that they are at the same height as the electrical switches. Fit the plats properly, and ensure that all the screws are tight.

Mark the floor:


Then, make holes through the floor (3.175mm diameter each) under each inlet valve. Use a drill for this purpose. Put an iron wire in the hole so that there will not be any difficulty in finding it when you go down the floor.

Drill the hole properly:


Using the iron wire reference, cut 2 inch diameter holes through the floor using the hole saw. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses or helmet while drilling the holes in order to protect your eyes and face from the flying debris.

Install tubing:


After making all the holes successfully, the next step is to run tubing. It is quite a difficult task, arrange a helper if possible. Cut appropriate lengths of the pipes so that they can fix in the valves properly.

Recheck the whole system:

After installing the whole system, you need to recheck all the holes, pipes, & screws, and make sure that everything is fine.

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