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5 Ways to Cut Down Plastic Use – BeatPlasticPollution

Beat Plastic Pollution

Plastic is everywhere. Government and cooperations are doing their part. The least we can do is to reduce our personal plastic footprint.

Here are 5 ways you can contribute and Beat Plastic Pollution:

1. Carry a Reusable Bottle:

Say no to single-use plastic! Single-use plastic is the main contributor to plastic waste. Carry your own reusable bottle that you can refill many times.

2. Carry a Reusable Coffee Cup:

Instead of drinking coffee in a disposable coffee cup and throwing it away every time you drink coffee, carry your own reusable cup and reduce your trash.

3. Avoid Excessive Plastic Food Packaging:

You go to the supermarket to buy some food and come home to discard the plastic food packaging in your bin. The non- biodegradable plastic waste in your bin ends up getting dumped on land or in the ocean. Why not avoid getting plastic packaging in the first place? Try to carry your own cloth or jute bag while shopping and avoid opting for the plastic packaged food items.

4. Disposable Cutlery Should be Avoided:

Although it may not be possible to always a plan thing out before, try keeping a metal spoon or fork with you before you go out to get ice cream or some food item. Usually, the only option you are offered with food items is single-use plastic spoon or fork.

5. Plastic Straws Suck!

Next time you go to a restaurant or a pub, think if you really need a straw or not. Even if you absolutely need a straw, there are many places that are coming up with biodegradable straw options such as glass, metal or paper straws.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Quit Drinking

social benefits of alcohol

1. Indian Ethics

From the day we were born, we were taught to be helpful & generous. Hence, drink as much as you can till the extinct, in a way you are helping.
“Daru gandi cheez hai, jaldi pike khatam karo” #SabkaSaathSabkaVikas

2. Social Life

You might lose some of the closest friend or the entire friend circle because of lack of communication.
People will eventually stop inviting you to the night outs. Secondly, your so-called best/daru buddies will start looking at you like a zombie.
Everything has its own pro’s n con’s, it’s up to you how you take it and in this case digging out pro’s will going to be very difficult.

3. Feeling better- It’s a myth

You think if you quit daru, you’ll start feeling better. Let me correct you this time- it’s all a myth.
If you quit, you might have to face a lot of trouble in terms of social criticism, detachment from your closed-ones. Hence, take your decision wisely.

4. You’ll die

We all are mortals & we all have to die one day. So, live life to the fullest with no regards.
People are dying anyways- accidents, TB, Diabetes etc. etc.
In-fact, diabetes is killing more people than smoking & drinking combined.
P.S- Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids & daru contains at least 57% v/v water in it. Hence Proved!

5. Saving – Hahaha! (Another Myth)

You can save a buck or two but with that you won’t be able to buy anything useful, then no point saving. Drinking alcohol can’t take your fortune away it can only amplify- #JustSaying

6. Bad Decision

This world is full of myths. Here comes another, that after drinking you make bad decisions. On the other hand, you become more conscious & responsible for things.
People anyways are taking a lot of bad decisions. For example, voting for Delhi CM- Our own Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

7. Road Trips

You’ll always miss daru on long road trips. Sometimes you might miss the entire trip. I am not saying that you can’t enjoy a trip with getting high but you’ll definitely miss a lot of fun- #JustSaying

8. Conversation gap

You’ll find it difficult to gel with people around as the state of mind will always be on the different page. After getting high people normal gets intellectual & talks a lot & you might feel left out.

9. Liver

We all have to accept the fact that daru really harms liver but should also accept that liver can repair itself & I am not making this up, it’s a scientifically proven fact.

10. Heart Attack

Myth. Myth, Myth!
Your bad food habits & daily stress leads you heart diseases it has nothing to do with alcohol. In fact doctors suggest everyone to consume at 30ml of daru every day for a health heart.
If you can’t be happy, at least you can be drunk!
#StayHigh #JustSaying

10 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Delhi


I have been living in Delhi for a long time now or you can say I have spent almost half of my life in Delhi-NCR. In recent times I have been travelling to different cities, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata etc. etc.
Delhi is better than any other city in many ways & before you jump into the facts & figures, P.S:- This article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

1. Language

Hindi is our mother tongue & English is the most spoken language in the world. Delhi people can speak both though they have their own developed accent which sounds funny sometimes (Tohe samajh na aa paego :-p)
On the other hand, in other cities, people are more comfortable in their local language which sometimes gets very annoying & mostly turns into an adventure.

2. Cost of living

Not a chance of an argument on this. Delhi is cheaper than any other metro cities specially Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai are way too expensive for no reason.
A Tuborg beer bottle costs you 170rs but 120rs in Delhi. Hence Proved!

3. Street Food

Delhi wins it again.
Roadside maggi counters, Chai ka thela, Bread omelette etc. Be it tandoori chicken or grilled paneer, sophisticated restaurant or Murthal ke paratha. Delhi is all-in-one.

4. Borders

UP- Delhi- Haryana
Out of 29 states in India these three states decide our leader whom we call “Prime Minister” consisting of 97 Lok Sabha seats.
You can find the best of hookas around here throughout the year.
Here’s the best part, availability of daru is 24×7, NO DRY DAYS. (Chal bhai Faridabad chalte hai)

5. Seasons

All 4 seasons- winter, summer, autumn & spring. That could be the reason why people in Delhi are more fashionable and their wardrobes are fuller. You get the opportunity to change your clothes with the season. I can bet on this, you can’t find it in any other metro city.

6. Roads

Roads are just not wider but they are huge in comparison to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Kolkata.
And we are still learning how to drive in lanes, so we honk more & drive wherever we want.

7. Swag

Delhi has its own swag. People here are so busy that they don’t have time to understand what ODD-EVEN is, they thought it’s an opportunity to buy a new car because we have space to park cars, unlike Mumbai & other cities.

8. Behanchooooo

BB Ki Vines

It’s a common expression for everything.
Tera bhai ne nayi ladki pata li behanchooo!

Breakup of ho gya behanchoo!

Aaj tera bhai Teachers piyega behanchoo!
Tu janta ni hai mera baap kon hai behanchoo!

9. Mann ki Baat!

Even PM Modi got inspired from Delhi. After 6 PM on Friday, starts the #MannKiBaat session. 3 beers down & #Obama resigns.

10. Culture

You can find all the possible variety of people in Delhi. Sometimes it feels like “Man in Black” is based on Delhi, all 29 states.
You can possibly get the taste of entire India in one place.

Cheers to Delhi & its warm heart!

10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Bachelor


Before you get excited about the list, I’d want to make sure that it doesn’t apply for all. But before jumping into it, it would be great to carefully consider all the reason below why you should stay “Bachelor.”

1. You are free, free, free

When you were 3 years old, you were plucked out of your home & became officially registered member of an institution which we call “School” & eventually it bullied you for next 14-15 years.
Being a bachelor is like a rebel- You can do whatever you want to, no restriction, unlimited trips, a fridge full of beer.

2. Self-respect

The only thing that a bachelor want is “self-respect.” Staying bachelor will help you attain that for eternity. No one can bully you, no orders, no commitments, basically a king’s life.
A beer & a football match- Life is sorted.

3. Your best years starts at 30

When we were young we use to think that life pretty much ends at 30.
I personally use to think that girls would not take interest in me after 30.
Hence, here comes the ‘but’ a man’s prime is in his 30’s. I know this mere sentence brings a smile on your face.


4. The relationship comes with a high price

Before we come to the conclusion of staying bachelor throughout our lives, we all must have had been through a relationship which in start seems like the most beautiful thing & then converts into one of the most expansive things in the entire universe. #StayBachelor
Sometimes it feels like you can buy an Audi A8 but you can’t buyout that relationship.

5. The wedding is like GST

Even our finance minister has no clue what “GST” is but it applies everywhere and will stay with you throughout your life & the best part is you’ll never understand the pro’s n cons of it vice versa wedding.
On the other hand, stay bachelor is like “NOTA”, you just don’t care. Life is simple.

6. Samaj ke wo 4 log

A biological fact- we are born to strew our seeds. But to accomplish that you don’t have to get married we have other ways to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I mean test-tube or maybe you can donate your seeds for a good reason.
India already holds the crown of the 2nd largest populated country and for a good reason let’s not top the chart.

7. Non-Infidel

A bachelor can never cheat on anyone because they don’t have to commit anything & that’s the best part of staying bachelor.
For a good reason “Not all men are stupid, some stay bachelors.”

8. Daily new additions to life

A new party, new friends, new friend circle, new opportunities (you know what I mean), you actually explore yourself.
Life is all about exploring yourself, new things, new world & if you disagree then read this very carefully “Not all men are stupid, some stay bachelors”

9. Social Norms

Hahaha! What does that really means? I don’t care & a bachelor too.
Social norms are meant for those who want to hold their horses and bachelors are born to fly HIGH!

10. Stay messy!

A bachelor can stay a cool passionate nerd throughout his life. Staying messy is always fun. Even every single office has a tall dark handsome guy who is always high on something or the other. Guess what? He’s a bachelor.
Life is a story & you are the writer of your own, be the best writer ever.

#StayBachelor, #StayYoung!

8 Hacks To Boost Your Computer Speed


Having a computer that is slow is frustrating, isn’t it? It hampers your work and brings down your efficiency which would really not be desired by anyone.

You feel sad when your files take a lot of time to open, windows do not close on a click and the time computer takes to shut down is too long. We can give you a few tricks that will make your computer work like a brand new one. Here we have a list of some that could do wonders for your computer.


Boost Your Computer Speed

1. Optimize your hard drive:

One of the main reasons for the slow speed of your computer is flooded hard drive. If 85% of your hard drive is occupied with data then it adversely affects the speed of the system. Use Disk Cleanup tools to create some room in your hard drive so that your computer works efficiently. If you are one of those who uses computer for unlimited video download, gaming & editing then you need a hefty hard disk with space up to 1 TB (Terabyte).

2. Disable animations:

Animations give a very pleasing look to your computer but when they run on an old PC, they surely slow down the speed of your system. To pace up the computer, turn off the animations. To put off the animations, follow these steps:
Control Center > Ease of Access Center > “make the computer easier to see> tap on turn off unnecessary animations.”

3. Reinstall Windows to refresh the system:

If cleaning of the malware, viruses and junk files seems like a tedious chore, a solution that you can employ instead is reinstalling the windows on your computer, which in result will make your computer perform like new.

Go to Settings > Change PC settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Click on ‘Get started’ (under Refresh your PC without affecting your files) or

To reset your PC follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Change PC settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Get started (under Remove everything and reinstall Windows)

4. Avoid congesting your web browser:

We all make use of one particular browser we find most convenient for all our browsing activities. At times we open multiple websites that catch our attention on different tabs which makes the system really slow. Web browser may allure you with different add-ons which will further eat up the resources of your system. To reduce its impact on your computer, install the add-ons that are most useful and do not open up redundant websites.

5. Defragment the Hard Drive:

To make the access easy for your windows, it is imperative for you to organize the space on your hard disk, else the space will be consumed by existing files or add-ons unnecessarily.
Defragmentation sets your data properly on the hard disk which subsequently improves the functionality of the computer making it more efficient. Go to search field to find the “defrag” app.

6. Disable startup programs to improve efficiency:

There are multiple programs that starts operating the moment system is turned on. So, make it a point to disable the startup programs for the non used programs using various tools like Startup Delayer & Autoruns. MSConfig is a built-in tool in Microsoft windows that helps to disable the programs that are no longer required by simply clicking on the adjacent checkboxes.

To open MSConfig use the shortcut key (Win + R) and uncheck the programs you don’t want to open at startup.

7. Close redundant programs in task bar:

The applications in the upward arrow icon placed in the notification area of the taskbar run in the background as soon as the computer is started. These apps are not visible to the user but they hamper the speed of the system. To close these applications click on the upward arrow in the notification area and right click on the apps you would like to close to free up the space.

8. Check for virus and malware:

Due to virus or malicious software on the system, the computer may not work at the expected speed. To overcome this problem run a scan through your computer using some of the widely used antivirus programs like McAfee, Norton, Avast Pro & Webroot. This will keep all the information on your system protected and will improve the speed and efficiency.


So here we have some tips and hacks for you that will make your computer work like a new one. These are few easy & inexpensive ways to speed up your computer & add to its life span. Implement these hacks in your system and experience smooth working.

10 Ways to Optimize Data Usage in the Best Possible Way


Mobile data is a technique which enables mobile users to gain wireless access to internet. Data enabled devices provide on-the-go access to the information in any corner of the world. However, we all have been in a situation where we have been the victim of loss of connectivity and data. Nevertheless, there are end numbers of ways to optimize smartphone mobile data usage without having to limit your data usage.
Advanced technology has helped in developing toggles and features in popular applications (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) that help to cut down mobile data loss. Even the Smartphone’s operating system has in-built controls to do the same.

10 Ways to Reduce Data Usage on Android and IOS:

Optimize data usage by using some of the ways mentioned below which will help to curb unnecessary usage and maximize the data plans

1. Set data alerts and limits:

To check data usage on iOS devices go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data usage (shown under cellular). A data stats image will appear which needs to be reset after payment of bill for a certain period of time. To reset the stats, go to Settings> Cellular > Reset Statistics (found by scrolling to bottom of the page).
Data usage on Android can be checked in a similar manner but also set limits and alerts. Go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Data Usage, a table will appear showing your data usage for a specific period. Tap on Set mobile data limit and move black & red lines to set alerts. Black line will trigger a notification on reaching the limit whereas the red line represents the threshold where device shuts off cellular data.

2. Change browsing habits:

To mitigate the unnecessary use of data use the mobile version of the website and avoid using the desktop version of a site on phone. Browser cache is a helpful tool as by preserving it one does not have to download images from frequently visited websites. Opera Mini is a recommended browser for Android as it’s designed to compress data and reduce usage while using.

3. Compress mobile data:

To save big on monthly bills, make use of data compression apps. These apps decrease the loading time within the applications connected to mobile network. Onavo Extend is a free compression app that runs in the background of the smartphone and significantly reduces the amount of data sent across mobile network giving a wonderful experience at reduced costs.

4. Use only Wi-Fi to update apps:

Do not use cellular connection to update applications as it consumes large sums of data. If apps get auto-updated then there is the way to stop it. Open the app store and tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines parallel to one another)>Click on Settings> Auto-update apps and then select ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’.

5. Use Cache wherever possible:

Certain popular apps like Google play store and Google Play Music accumulate data locally. Make a habit to cache as much content as possible while on Wi-Fi network so that when browsed later, it does not consume any more data.

6. Optimize data in G-mail:

Google allows to automatically download e-mail attachments over a Wi-Fi network. This toggle will be of a great use to those who make use of Gmail app on regular basis. To enable this follow this process: Gmail menu> Settings > @gmail.com (your email) > (Data Usage) Download attachments.

7. Use Google chrome efficiently:

Google has designed a feature that can greatly reduce the amount of data used by chrome browser. While using Google servers Chrome compress images and files to optimize page sites on mobile phones. They give a comprehensive view of data saved over a month in from of line graph. To enable the “Reduce data usage’ feature, do the following:

  • Settings>advanced settings>privacy>Content settings>Images>check “do not show any images”
  • Settings>advanced settings>privacy>Content settings>plugins>check “click to play”
  • Settings>advanced settings>privacy>Content settings>popup>check “do not allow any site to show popups”

8. Customize location settings:

Many apps by default consistently check exact locations using techniques like GPS, Wi-Fi networks within the radius and cellular data networks. To overcome this issue disable location services on mobile phone and through phone settings allow access to apps that need to track precise location for security purposes when required.

9. Disable Auto-play for videos on facebook newsfeed:

Videos streaming on newsfeed consume a lot of mobile data. To optimize the use of data adjust the auto-play settings by following these steps:

  • Open facebook app> tap on hamburger menu>App Settings>Video auto play>Wi-Fi only/Off (select one option).

10. Enable Doze mode:

Smartphones with Android and iOS systems provide access to Doze mode. This feature of Smartphone puts installed application to sleep when screen is off or after certain period of inactivity. This feature does not allow apps to use data from background and even extend phone’s battery life.

So this is all you need to know to reduce unnecessary data consumption. By using these simple techniques you can enjoy all the app services on smartphones and spend data responsibly at the same time.

10 Ways to Make Your Teacher Happy


Teachers’ Day is a great occasion to thank all the gifted souls for their efforts. This day is celebrated on 5th September in commemoration of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was known as a great teacher who contributed towards the Indian education system in a significant manner. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a great philosopher and served the country as the first Vice President and second President.

On this auspicious occasion, different activities are performed by the students in order to entertain and thank their teachers. This day is celebrated in every school and college across the country. Teachers’ Day celebration is one of the memorable events during school days for everyone. Again it’s time to thank those wonderful teachers who are the backbone of our society. Even if you are a pass out, you can visit your school and wish your teachers. They will definitely understand and value your gesture of love and respect for them.


Do not forget that teachers are the source of knowledge and wisdom. They are the dynamic support for the students and always encourage them to cross every hurdle. Apart from academics, they teach students the moral values that make them a complete human being. Teachers are the living inspiration for students. So, plan out something to make your teachers feel special on this day.

Following are some of the ideas that can help you to make it a memorable day with your teachers:

1. Greeting Cards:

Colors are everyone’s favorite and handmade cards are always valued. It carries the emotions and makes the teacher feel how special he or she is. So, take out your crayons and show your creativity to impress your teacher. Decorate it with glitters and write a lovely message for your teacher.

2. Flowers:

A single stick of rose or a bouquet of flowers can surely make your teacher happy. It would be good if you know the favorite flower of your teacher. Besides a flower, add a compliment while wishing your teacher. This would definitely bring a smile on her face. Tell her why you admire her. In case you have passed your school or college, just send a bouquet of flowers to her home.

3. Small Gift:

Teachers never expect gifts from their students but on this day, you can gift a pen or diary that she can use. No matter how digital the world goes, a teacher always carries a diary and a pen. Your small gift will express your love towards her. Any such gift can be made more special with her name engraved on it. She will remember you for a long time for all such small efforts to make her happy.

4. Share Memories:

Do not forget to share all your good experiences with your teachers. Especially discuss the positive values that you have gained from them. Tell your teachers that besides academic knowledge they have given you a perspective to live life. Praise them for their thankless job. If you are an ex-student, share all your good memories. As a student what were the things that you noticed about your teacher, share all such secrets.

5. Note of Appreciation:

In your own words, write a message for your teacher. Pen down all your respect and love that you feel for her. Beautiful words have the power to strike the chord of emotions. A note in your own handwriting will surely make the teacher happy. There are chances that she keeps your letter safe in a book and cherish it in future too.

6. Make a Collage:

This can be a wonderful idea. Just collect all the photographs of your batch with your teacher and portray them in a style. Add small messages in the space left vacant in the collage. Decorate it with all your craft material and keep it simple. In case you have passed your school or college, you can get the messages from your friends and collectively write on the collage.

7. Write a Poem:

Writing a poem can be a difficult task but even four lines written for a teacher would make her happy. Especially if she is your language teacher, she would be more than happy. You can take help of internet and rephrase something in your own words.

8. Welcome Your Teacher:

Just keep aside all your notorious plans and give respect to your teachers. Behave like decent students and listen to them. Do not make any mischief in class that annoys your teachers. They would really be surprised at such a behavior. It is one of the easiest things to make your teachers happy.

9. Go for Lunch:

If you are an ex-student and want to spend some time with your teacher on this occasion, plan for a lunch. Inform your teacher beforehand so that she can easily manage her time. Call all your batch mates and plan a lunch at a restaurant. Surprise your teacher with a bouquet of flowers and a small gift after the lunch.

10. Gift a Book:

Books are the best friends and teachers always love to read. Try to find out what books they love to read. Search out the market and find the best collection in that particular category. Select a book and wrap it beautifully. Such gifts are highly praised by the teachers.

You must have got some idea about how you are going to make this Teachers’ Day special for your teachers. Make the most of this opportunity and express all your feelings for them. This is a golden opportunity to show all your gratitude towards them. Your small efforts can bring a smile on their face.

Internet Banking – 10 Ways To Keep Your Money Secure

internet banking

Internet banking – a facility that is a phenomenon in the West, has recently started to get the prominence that it deserves in India. After Government’s initiatives like ‘Digital India’, it became obligatory for people to use the internet for monetary transactions, which they were apprehensive about earlier.

Are you one of those who get baffled when they open the portal for internet banking and wonder where to click? Well, after reading this write-up, all your doubts and anxieties will take a back seat as you will know all about internet banking.

Internet banking technology gives customers access to their bank, anytime and anywhere. Internet banking authorizes customers of financial institutions to carry out a range of financial transactions by using financial institution’s website. Nowadays internet banking is widely used to verify account statements, paying bills, making purchases etc. Security of these transactions has become a major concern as internet banking frauds have gained momentum in this age. One needs to be very cautious of the cyber criminals by keeping few things in mind which will prevent you from falling into their trap.

10 ways to secure online funds transfer:

internet banking

Here are ten simple ways to keep your user identity (customer identification number and password) secured which will enable you to make safe online transactions and will keep your money secure while you make a transfer to certified accounts.

1. Keep your account secured:

Stay away from internet banking on wifi systems that are unsecured and make use of only desktops (preferably) for online transactions whenever at home. Never disclose your password to anyone. Also, make sure that the password is alphanumeric and that you change it frequently to ensure its security.

2. Use anti-virus programs:

Run virus scans on your computer at regular intervals. Use a spyware detection program and an ad-blocking software program. Keep all software updated at all times.

3. Secure e-mails:

If any e-mail, message, chat request or website appears distrustful, close your browser and email and shut down your computer for a while. When the system is restarted, run a full virus and a spyware scan before surfing the internet.

4. Make use of Virtual Private Network:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) keeps your online information safe. VPN network ensures your transactions’ privacy and security as it maintains the confidentiality of sender’s details and message integrity by using encryption techniques. So, add a VPN on your WiFi network at home and for your smartphones, you will have to secure your web browsing sessions by installing a VPN app.

5. Avoid disclosing personal details:

We are all very doubtful of the internet and wish to keep our personal information confidential. One should not put up excessive information into the Internet unless you have a valid reason for doing so. If you are suspicious of sharing your residential address with any online portal, you can rather choose not to reveal such info or give a virtual address instead.

6. Protect mobile passwords (fingerprint scanning):

Many of the mobile banking apps offer two-factor authentication. Fingerprint scanning is an additional method of verification which is unique for each user and this factor gives high-end security as well. Some banking apps also makes it mandatory that phone should be password protected if fingerprint scanning is to be used.

7. Websites must be secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer):

Any website which supports a financial transaction must also have the option of secure communication. Search for the padlock icon at the left of URL. If it’s present, it means that your information is private between your browser and your bank’s server.

8. Distrustful activity should be reported immediately:

One of the most important facilities of mobile banking and internet is that a user can check the account balance at any time of the day. It is recommended that customers should watch their account activity to quickly identify and report any suspicious activity. Banks can access and take action on recent transactions, and give you the required control to recover any losses.”

9. Log out after completing the online transaction:

Soon after completing the financial transaction on your e-banking platform, always log out, don’t just close your web browser. This will give protection to your personal details as your account is locked with a strong password.

10. Install authenticated banking apps:

To manage financial transactions using digital mediums, install the official and authentic mobile application of your bank. Contact your bank or access their official website to assure that you have the official app.

Above mentioned precautions are easily identifiable and doable at the same time which make for a hassle free and trustworthy online transactions. Next time when you transact online, just following these steps will ensure a seamless online transaction experience.

10 Most Common HTTP Errors and How to Fix Them


While visiting a webpage, sometimes you may receive 404 or 502 error messages. These are the messages from the web server implying that there is some problem with either the web address or the website that you are trying to open. Every error has a unique HTTP status code for itself that is sent by the web server. It is useful to know these error codes, especially if you are a website owner. If your website shows a lot of these error codes, then it may increase the bounce rate on your site because the user would immediately leave the site after attempting to open it. This would lead to further descend of your SEO rankings.

These HTTP codes are in the format of 3 digit numbers, wherein the first digit denotes the category in which the HTTP code falls.

  • 1xx – status codes are for informational purposes

  • 2xx – status codes indicate success in opening the webpage

  • 3xx – codes denote redirection of a website

  • 4xx – codes denote errors from the clients side

  • 5xx – indicate problems on the server’s side

The first three classes must not concern you in normal circumstances except if you are the owner of a website. The HTML codes that may concern you as a user are the 4xx or 5xx type. The most common errors include:


1. Error 400 – Bad Request

The 400 bad request errors can be seen in any operating system or browser. This usually happens when a wrong URL is entered in the address window or the link leads to a malformed URL having a problem with its syntax.

Tips to resolve the problem

  • Clearing your browser’s cookies/cache would help resolve the problem especially if the cookie that the URL is reading is corrupt or too old.
  • If this doesn’t work, you can try opening the link in a different browser.
  • Sometimes the error appears while uploading a large file which is rejected by the server. The best solution in this case would be to use an alternate program to send the file or reducing its size.
  • If all the above methods fail, and you are continuously getting the 404 error, the problem is most likely with your system and you need to get your system checked for security issues.
  • The final method to resolve this problem is by contacting the website directly that hosts the page.


2. Error 401 – Authorization Required

When this error pops up, it means that the URL has been password protected by the owner and you need a valid user ID and password to login to the website.

Tips to resolve the problem

  • The URL may have a misspelled word which should be edited to gain access to the link.
  • If the URL is correct you can visit the main website and check for any alternative solutions to open the link.


3. Error 403 – Forbidden

A 403 error occurs when the owner of the website does not want others to access a particular webpage or directory. A website owner usually sets the 403 protection for protecting his website from being hacked, hiding the directory structure or files that contain vulnerable information. Another reason why you would see a 403 error is when the user/client does not have the permission to be viewed from the web.

Tips to resolve the problem

  • Recheck the URL you have typed and make sure that you are specifying an actual webpage and not a directory. Most websites do not allow browsing of directories, hence resulting into a 403 error code. .
  • Clearing your browsers cache also helps in cases where the website is accessing an older version that you may have browsed earlier.
  • Lastly, you can contact the website owner or your internet service provider. But you need to ensure that the webpage you are trying to access is available for public view.

4. Error 404 – Not Found

One of the most common errors we encounter while opening a webpage is the 404 error. A 404 HTTP status code usually appears when the server is unable to find anything on the requested location. The two major reasons for a 404 Not Found page include mistyped URL or permalink structure of the webpage being changed. This means that the original site has shifted to a new web address, but the DNS is still pointing to the old location.

Tips to resolve the problem

  • Reload the webpage by pressing F5 or the reload button on your browser. Sometimes, the 404 error can be easily resolved by simply reloading the page.
  • Check the URL you have typed for any misspellings.
  • At times you can have a wrong URL. This can be resolved by simply searching the webpage on a familiar search engine like Google or Bing.


5. Error 408 – Request Time-Out

The 408-request time out error appears usually on websites that require you to fill up a form or submit a request. Usually large websites that require users to fill up some information have a time limit set up to fill up the details, and if the user exceeds the time limit, the website automatically closes off the connection and subsequently display the 408 HTTP status code. The user generally has to start his work again from the very beginning.

Tips to resolve the problem

  • Try reloading the webpage. A slow connection may sometimes result in this error.
  • Check your internet connection for speed. If you have a slow connection, then also you may not be able to fill up the information on time, hence resulting in a 408 error code.
  • A 408 error appears when the site is experiencing heavy load. In this case you can always come back later to access the site.

6. Error 410 – Gone

The 410 error code also depicts that the server is unable to find the requested page. But, unlike the 404 error, the 410 error depicts that the said link is permanently unavailable and cannot be accessed in any case.  Sometimes this error may be shown even if your PC has been infected by some sort of malware or virus.

Tips to resolve the problem

  • Running a complete antimalware scan may help solve the problem if the file has been corrupted or the webpage is not showing up due to the presence of malwares on your pc.
  • Contacting the website owner to know about any alternatives to the webpage you are requesting.

7. Error 500 – Internal Server Error

The most common type of server error, the 500 error code denotes that there is a major problem that the server has encountered and is unable to process your request at the given moment. The 500 error code is a generic code that is shown when no other server side errors make sense for the given problem.

Tips to resolve the problem

Although the problem may not be from your end, but sometimes simply refreshing the page and clearing your browsers cache & cookies helps resolve the problem.


8. Error 502 – Bad Gateway

When there is some communication problem between two servers, a 502 error message is displayed. This means that the configuration of both the servers is not in sync and hence information on one server cannot be accessed by another. The problem is not related to individual system configuration but to the server as a whole.

Tips to resolve the problem

  • Try reloading the webpage or your web-browser by closing all the tabs.
  • Starting your browser in safe mode also helps resolve the problem at times.
  • You can also contact the website’s host to resolve the problem.


9. Error 503 – Service Temporarily Unavailable

The 503 error code depicts service temporarily unavailable and is shown when the servers are not properly working. This can be due to overload on the server, or if the server is undergoing maintenance. This is a temporary issue and is usually resolved within a few hours.

Tips to resolve the problem

In the case of a 503 error code, the only solution is to wait for the server to reload after maintenance, or for the traffic on the website to lessen.

10. Error 507 – Insufficient Storage error

While uploading any file on a website or opening a particular page, the server usually restricts the limit for messages/attachments. If the attachment exceeds this limit then the 507 error code is shown.

Tips to resolve the problem

One method to solve this problem is reducing your file size or converting it into a zipped folder to reduce the size.

Now that you have got a basic understanding of these error codes, you will be able to better access sites or improve your own site for a better engagement rate.

10 Things that Make India Amazing


15th August 1947 is marked as the golden day in India’s history. This was the day when our country got freedom from the British rule after almost 2 centuries. Since 1947, it is celebrated as our Independence Day. On this auspicious occasion, a great celebration is organized at Red Fort in New Delhi.

Independence Day is celebrated as a national festival in all the States and Union Territories. Most of the government organizations are decorated by tri-color lights that inject the feeling of patriotism. It is the special day that fills the heart of Indians with pride for the nation.

It is an amazing country with rich history and heritage. There are unique things about the country that differentiate it from other countries. On the global platform, it is widely known for its culture, food, costumes, religions, tradition, belief, rituals and more. Read on the following points to know the astonishing facts related to the country:

1. Freedom Struggle:

Freedom Struggle

India had a unique principle of non-violence for fighting against British. The freedom fighters are admired till date for their courage and efforts. Men and women participated in great numbers in different events related to freedom. Such events are taught in many schools as a part of history now.

2. Rivers:


Most of the Indian cities are situated on the banks of rivers. Rivers in India play a vital role in agriculture and economy. There are various rivers in India which are considered sacred according to Indian mythology. The rivers offer water for drinking, producing electricity, irrigation purpose and more. Among various rivers, Ganga is the most holy and the longest river in India.

3. Religion:


Mainly there are four religions in India. Throughout the country, you can find Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians living in the same society. The amazing thing is that people follow their own religion and respect the other’s religion too. They treat each other like brothers and sisters, and maintain peace among them.

4. Festivals:


As there are different religions and cultures in India, so there are various festivals. Basically, there are four religions in the country that celebrate festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, and Christmas. Each of the festivals has a mythological story related to it and is celebrated in a unique way.

5. Vibrant Culture:


India is highly known for its culture across the world. It has different cultures followed by people of various race, religion, and place. People come from a different culture but stay united; this is the beauty of this nation. The culture differentiates on the basis of art, dance, music, food, and lifestyle.

6. Food:


At every nook and corner of the country, you can find something interesting to eat. Right from local food to five star cuisines, everything is worth tasting. Due to different cultures in the country, there is a great variety of food available for the foodies to try out. The spices used in the food offer them a unique taste, and India is well known for its spices.

7. Remarkable Achievements:


India holds its significance in the global history as it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Some of the oldest inventions are recorded in the name of the country. Trigonometry, Algebra, Zero, Calculus, Ayurveda and Yoga are some of the results produced by great minds of India.

8. Army:


Indian army is an ultimate weapon of the country. The army is strong enough to fight against the enemies even in adverse circumstances. The motive of the army is to save lives and win hearts of the citizens. Their only aim is to protect Indians from the neighboring countries who try to cross the borders.

9. Indian Railway:


The country is best known for its rail network. It has one of the longest and oldest railway networks. With time, the department has continuously upgraded the technology. It is a cheap mode of transport in the country. Running 11,000 trains in a day is the result of great efforts of Railway department.

10. Welcoming Gesture:


The citizens of India are widely known for their manners. We know how to make our guests feel comfortable and special. There is a unique way of greeting and welcoming each other which varies from place to place. This is one of the reasons that India is doing best in the tourism industry. Let’s keep our spirits alive and maintain that decency in our behavior towards our guests.

North, South, East or West….India has a different picture in every direction you travel. It sounds an amazing place because of its citizens who are hard working and fun loving. Respect towards elders and understanding nature is what they are basically known for. They have a high sense of patriotism and have guts to raise their voice against their enemies. Indians speak different languages; follow different culture, art, and music. Despite so many differences, they stay united.

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