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Top Dance Styles around the World


Dancing is a good fun and exercise. We all know that, but you know what? This is not only the exercise. Dance is a combination of perfect moves, face expressions, emotional, social interactions and exercise. There is a lot of competition, and this is very big industry. If you can dance perfectly, you need not to work. This talent can make more money for you rather than a good job. World is very small now a days, so I knew many of you are familiar with some of these styles and may be a master in one but I guarantee, some are very new for you. Let’s explore the top 10 dance of the world:

1. Bollywood Dance:


This is not a type based dance. Actually, this is the most widely used dance in Indian movies. This contains every style, every mood and culture. In this dance, Indian dance and music get combined with big Hollywood movies. One can take this as a R&D in dancing because every-day comes with a new combination and style.

2. Line Dance:


This is group dance and includes a repeated sequence of steps. People performing this dance, all facing the same direction, and executes the steps at the same time. This is mainly a synchronization art. Everyone has their importance and they need full practice, if one fails, whole group fails.

3. Salsa:


This is mainly a couple dance and very much popular all over the world. Cuba is the country who contributed this style in dance industry. You should learn this dance if you want to enjoy best romantic moments with your partner.

4. Ballet:


This dancing style is originated in Italy in 15th century. This is very complicated dance and taught in different-different ballet schools all over the world. The dance is usually choreographed with orchestral or vocal music. This demand good flow and balanced body.

5. Break Dance:


This is a street dance, popularized by Michale Jackson. This is also named as B-boying or B-girling because performer of this dance is called as B-boy or B-girl. This needs perfection in balance, fast approach, strength, skill and technique.

6. Kathak:


Indian style, stated in south Indian temples, comes under most difficult dance. The name of this dance is derived from Sanskrit that means a story because every step of this dance tells a story. This style somewhat similar with belly dance but not in terms of music.

7. Belly Dance:


The name is Belly dance, but this involves your full body movement. Shakira does this perfectly. Now you got what type of dance I am taking about. This was started in 18th centuries, and now whole word is the platform for this dance.

8. Yangko Dance:


Origin of this dance is China. Now this is cultural activity of China.  This traditional folk dance involves swaying of the body to certain rhythms. This dance is near about one thousand year history in Chinese culture and is usually performed in the Lantern Festival.

9. Tap Dance:


Totally shoe based dance. In this style, a dancer has to dance with metal plate attached shoes on a hard floor. When dancer hit his shoe on a hard surface, it creates a percussive sound so dancer is considered as a musician in this type of dance.

10. Hip-hop:


Street Dance is another name for this dance. This was started in 1970 and made popular by young crowd of US in streets. This type of dance usually danced with Hip-Hop type of music.

Places to Cover Before You Die


Death is truth and no one can avoid this fact. We all are here for a while. No No, I am not scaring you; just want to tell you that “Enjoy Every Moment of Life”

There are lots of ways to enjoy your life.  The way of enjoyment differs from person to person.  Some like Sports, some in favor of luxury gadgets, some go with mouth watering food, most of the part go with Power, some love speed and thrilling, but I would like to go with exploring the new places.

We all know travel is not only to visit beautiful places, this thing known as tourism. Travel is some kind of exploring the things. Travel builds confidence in you.

1.    USA:


Everyone know about this powerful country that is leading to world but here I am not talking about the power, I am telling what to see in this country and the answer is : Grand Canyon. This is 18 mile wide and 277 miles long. If you are human then this place surely amazes you.

2.    EGYPT:


Egypt, a country that tell us a new world of magic, pyramid and mummies.  Mysteries are born here. No one can guess that Pyramid of Giza was made by humans.  This is not nature creativity, this is done by human. This is a live example of our elder’s creativity, their intelligence, their force and their medical science. Otherwise how they can arrange these heavy pieces of rock without any machine. Don’t tell me Aliens help them to move millions of heavy stone, some of them are nearly 88 tones in weight.

3.    PERU:


Machu Picchu is the place for that Peru is famous for. Machu Picchu is an example of our great nature creativity. What a great scene this place offer to you, cannot imagine.  There are two ways to go at this place- By Train and By Feet. This is near about 8000 feet above sea level and believes me; this is made for adventure lovers.

4.    CHINA:


This country is known for its great wall, a man made wall that can see by universe and protecting China from other countries. One can enjoy Chinese food, their unique lifestyle, Leshan Giant Buddha and other surprising old architecture by visiting this country.



This country is example of modern life style. This is IT hub of Asia. I listed this country not because of natural places but because of mixing of every culture like Indian, Chinese, and Malay etc. This country is very much neat and clean and you can drink water directly from taps. This is famous for medical services and for the shopping centers.

6.     THAILAND:


This country is meant for beach lovers. If someone wants to enjoy world class beaches and food then Thailand is best available option within a good budget. Phuket is like a heaven on earth and adventure games + water activities can force you to stay more at this country.

7.    SPAIN:


Spin is another option to enjoy your life with games, culture, language, food, wine and other awesome things. Everyone knows about the Tomato fest of this country and Bull race is another symbol of this adventures country. Once again, must visit country.

8.      NEPAL:


This is very little country, not as much rich in terms of money but richest country when you compare people. Everyone welcomes you with a sweet smile. Pollution free environment, Best option for tracing and exploring nature beauty of Himalaya, Peaceful stoppage, almost zero crime. All these factors make this place a good option to visit.



Antarctica is the driest and coldest place in the world. This is very much different from other seven continents. By visiting this place you can surprise with the level of cold and loneliness. If you are going to explore this place then be ready to make new type of friends, Penguins.

10.    INDIA:


The Amazing and Incredible country. No one can explain this country. Every state, every mood, every culture, every taste, even every thinking is different but they all are one. No other country can stand in compare of India. There are lots of option to see like Forts of Rajasthan, Taj Mahal in Agra, Natural Beauty in Himachal, Kashmir, Delhi and other places. Everyone like Indian festival Holi, a fest in which everyone throws color and water to each other.

By visiting these places one can enjoy every type of weather, cuisines, culture, and people. So make your plans, decide your budget and make a try before you die.
Enjoy the life that you have. Fulfill Your Dreams.

Top 5 Most Popular Hill Stations in India


A quick weekend getaway is something that most of us crave for. Travelling as well as exploring new locations happens to be a commonly liked hobby among a good number of people out there. Of late you can see a number of people developing their liking towards visiting a hill station. Let us now acquaint ourselves with the top 5 most popular hill stations that are based in India.

Below are the Top 5 Most Popular Hill Stations in India for Honeymoon and Family Holidays:

Kullu and Manali:


One of the most popular hill stations in India that is known especially for its serenity and beauty is none other than Kullu and Manali. This particular hill station mainly stands out for its web of splendid looking valleys that tend to look equally beautiful both during the vibrant sunny days as well as fog filled misty days. Kullu and Manali make for a popular tourist destination all thanks to its flower clad meadows supported by tiny rivulets and streams that are seen gushing at a heavy pace. If you happen to visit this hill station, then make sure that you do not end up giving a miss to the colorful shawls are caps that happen to be a specialty of Kullu.



If Snow Clad Himalayan Peaks are what you fantasize then in that case make it a point to visit Mussoorie once in your whole lifetime. If you want your eyes to experience the best of Mussoorie, then the summer season is the right time to visit this hill station. One outstanding feature associated with this location is nothing, but its climate that tends to remain pleasant throughout the year. Mussoorie is known to come complete with a number of attractive tourist destinations, some of the important ones being Depot Hill, KemptyFalls, DoonValley and Camel’s Back Road among others.



One of the outstanding hill stations located in Southern India is nothing, but Kodiakanal. If you are a die-hard trekker, then Kodiakanal will definitely have a number of opportunities in store for you. To be more specific as a trekker you get an outstanding chance of choosing among seventeen different trekking routes. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Kodiakanal is a must visit for all the bird watchers out there. Similarly, the hill slopes at Kodiakanal are known to be covered with conifers as well as eucalyptus trees. Likewise, you can also have an encounter with a number of wild flowers and exotic orchids if you were to visit this hill station.



One of the highly visited hill stations in India is none other than Shimla. If you were to visit Shimla, then you will be left mesmerized by simply viewing the dense forests that comprise of oak, deodar as well as pine trees. One activity that you should avoid giving a miss on your visit to this particular destination is none other than ice-skating. Furthermore, other activities that you can keep yourself engaged in, on your visit to Shimla include fishing, golfing, skiing as well as trekking to list down a few. If you wish to come in close contact with nature, then make it a point to take the toy train ride from Kalka station to Shimla.

Mount Abu:


One of the hill stations that is particularly characterized by umpteen amount of flora that mainly comprises of shrubs as well as dense forests is nothing, but Mount Abu. Irrespective of the time of the year every time when you happen to visit MountAbu, you are likely to get a taste of the cool climate present there. Apart from this, the charming forest hills in MountAbu are sure to leave you stunned. Similarly, you will be more than happy to view the lakes, temples as well as landscapes that are dominant in this particular hill station. MountAbu is highly popular not only as a tourist destination, but also as a place of pilgrimage.

Most Haunted Places in India


Who doesn’t out there in the real world like haunted stories that shake you up at night and keep you scattered in the dreams. Yes though they sound scary no matter how much, you do want to listen to them. Some are real some not. So why not get to know the Most Haunted Places in India that could make you think of going there? Following are the list of Top 5 Most Haunted Places in India that people frequently talk about.


5 – Lambi Deher Mines:

Situated in the outskirts of Mussoorie, this place once had a strip of mine and lime quarries that had over 5000 workers working in 1990s. This mine was shut down due to irregularity and irresponsibility of work and limited safety that caused a number of trucks to fall off the road down the hills. What more? There were a number of workers who died severe and painful deaths due to the coughing blood and lung disease and improper mining. Today that place is known as a ghost town with strange sounds reported at night.

Tunnel No. 33-14-listice

4 – Tunnel no. 103:

How is it possible that any place/story related to ghosts does not include Himachal Pradesh or Shimla. These two places are the most often talked of places that include haunted places and such a place is the Tunnel no. 103 on Shimla-Kalka railway line. It has been reposted that people have seen apparitions of women and long wailing noises across the journey.  With all this there have been stories of a man walking and lighting his cigarette. Most of these apparitions have been reported by people who have gone through the tunnel on foot.


3 – Brij Raj Bhawan:

The Brij Raj Bhavan Hotel is situated on the banks of the beautiful Chambal River, near city of Kota, Rajasthan. It has the ghost of the Sepoy Mutiny which is still active, the ghost of Major Charles Burton who was killed in the revolt of 1857 against the British. This building was the residency of the British Major who was abandoned by his servants except the camel driver. He sent his 2 sons to the room above and told them not to come down till the help did not arrive. But the mutineers ascended from the terrace and the 2 sons and Major Burton himself were murdered after being cornered. Post to that the Maharani saw the ghost of the major many a times with a cane in his hand.


2 – Dumas Beach Gujrat:

The Dumas beach in Gujrat (21kms south west of Surat) also famous for the black sand is a very popular tourist spot in Gujrat, this place is at the 2nd position in the list of most haunted places in the India. Dumas beach has a lot of paranormal activities that take place and weird sounds of screaming have been reported by the locals living there which made us to consider it in the list of Top 5 Most Haunted Places in India. Even dogs behave in a weird manner near this place, and is way too dangerous to venture as told by locals.


1 – Bhangarh Fort:

And the Top Most Haunted Place in India is the Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan. It is a deserted place that is prohibited to be entered after sunset and till sunrise. According to the legend the city of Bhangarh was cursed by Guru Balu Nath which resulted in the haunting of this place. Villagers around here say that anything constructed in this place collapses and does not remain stable and whosoever goes in the fort at night does not return thereafter making us to count it in the list of most haunted places in India.

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